Top Ten Reasons to Attend RSA

by Anthony Presnell, Asst. Academy Director 

10 Reasons to Attend RSA:

1.     Three of the very finest natural grass pitches in Colorado:  Home to the Regis University Men's & Women's soccer programs.

2.     National Level Altitude Training: Hosted the U20 Australian World Cup National Team in 2011

3.     Multi-Level Training Program: Focuses on technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the game

4.     Small Staff to Player Ratio: Our staff ratio is 9-to-1 insures each RSA player receives individual coaching necessary to maximize their growth

5.     Highly credentialed and nationally licensed staff:  Youth, High School, Collegiate and Professional experience with unique experiences and coaching abilities

6.     Air-Conditioned residence halls: 3 minute walk to the fields and a 2 minute walk to the dining hall

7.     Innovative testing and measurement programs: to gauge abilities technically, athletically, and in fitness

8.     University Head Coaches who attend, direct, and/or coach:  Coaches involved in Rascal Rangers, Junior Elite, and ID Elite Programs.

9.     Exceptional, nutritious, farm-to-fork meals from Bon Apetit: prepares meals with sustainable sourcing from local growers whenever possible in our Student Center Dining Hall

10. A chance to stand out: Our RU men’s and women’s soccer programs have recruited many RSA participants to attend Regis in our 20 year history of RSA on the Regis campus.